Getting the Most out of this Course

In sum:

  • Give yourself time
  • Do the exercises with me!
  • Be prepared for shame to arise (it's only human)

I can't wait to share with you some practices for becoming more shame resilient! Let's get started. :)

Lesson Summary

In this video, Nicole Perry, a registered psychologist in Alberta, shares how she started on her journey of shame resilience and discusses how you can make the most out of the course. She explains that when she first started running groups on self-acceptance and self-esteem, she realized that participants were still struggling with feelings of shame and unworthiness. This realization led her to delve deeper into the topic of shame and self-compassion through reading, researching, and formal training. Perry integrates this work in her workshops, groups, and one-on-one sessions, as well as her own life. She believes that shame resilience is key to exponential healing.

Perry provides several tips for getting the most out of the course. Firstly, she encourages viewers to give themselves the time to do the course and schedule it into their week. She emphasizes the importance of not leaving oneself as an afterthought but making a commitment to self-work. Finding an accountability friend or therapist to support and cheerlead can also be helpful in sticking to the commitment. Secondly, Perry suggests doing the exercises with her in the videos and continuing to practice them independently. She believes in the power of experiential therapy and new experiences for promoting healing. Lastly, Perry prepares viewers for the possibility of shame arising during the course. She reassures them that this doesn't mean something is wrong but rather is a normal part of being human. She advises checking in with oneself before engaging with the material and being honest about whether one feels grounded and resourced. If difficult emotions do arise, it's okay to skip or pause the exercise and come back to it later. Adjusting the exercises to be more compassionate and patient with oneself is also encouraged.

Perry concludes by expressing her excitement to share practices for becoming more shame resilient and encourages viewers to begin or continue their healing journey.

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